Hearing loss can be detrimental to an individual.  Hearing accounts for 75% of an individuals source of communication and functionality.  As an individual ages, hearing can slowly be diminished.  With hearing aids costing an average of $6,000, some individuals do not have the capacity to purchase these and improve their ability to hear. 

Used hearing aids we collect can be refurbished and allow us to provide hearing aids for individuals in need for an average of $400. 

If you have unused hearing aids to donate, they can be placed in any local Lions eyeglass or hearing aid collection box.  If you are unsure of collection locations, contact us today.

Thank you!

Special thanks to the following individuals, clubs, and organizations who have donated used hearing aids since July 1, 2015.  (numbers are updated monthly)



# of
Hearing Aids
Aberdeen Lions Club 11
Anne Sibell, Colorado 2
Anonymous 8
Armour Lions Club 4
Helmut Barany - Palm Beach, FL 1
Boy Scouts and Feeding South Dakota 24
Britton Lions Club 8
Brookings Noon Lions Club 14
Ronnie Buchholz 1
Dell Rapids Lions Club 4
Dow Runmmel Village 10
Elk Point Lions Club 4
Enid Farmer 1
Frank Brooks 1
Freeman Lions Club 12
Faulkton Lions Club 1
Barbara Gilbertson - West St. Paul, MN 2
Gregory Lions Club 1
Hot Springs Lions Club 9
Huron Eye Opener Lions Club 5
Huron Noon Lions Club 1
Ipswich Lions Club 1
Jean Zeruas - Egan, MN 1
Dona Kenneally, Sioux Falls 1
Lennox Lions Club 9
Mitchell Palace City Lions Club 4
Madison 1
Marilyn Mullins 1
Palisides Lutheran Church - Garretson, SD 9
Parkston Lions Club 2
Piedmont Valley Lions Club 2
L. Payne - Gerin, NE 6
Rapid City Area Lions Club 11
Rapid City Downtown Lions Club 16
Rapid City Rushmore Lions Club 4
Redfield Lions Club 125
Dr. Rebecca Rich - Aberdeen, SD 50
Sioux Falls Downtown Lions Club 43
Sioux Falls Siouxland Lions Club 26
Sioux Falls Sioux Empire Lions Club 70
Sioux Falls Siouxrise Lions Club 4
Ten Venenga Family - Dell Rapids, SD 2
Todd Henrich - Fargo, ND 2
Vermillion Lions Club 5
Viborg Lions Club 1
Jim Wagner - Faulkton, SD 1